Satyamev Jayate Episode 1 – Female Foetecide


For once, I thanked my Behenjis for their efforts in making me learn Hindi. I just finished watching Satyamev Jayate on youtube and had to use several tissues to wipe tears from my eyes. Objectively, a nice philanthropic effort from Amir Khan. The research and the real life cases of the victims of female foeticide in India were real eye openers for a problem that society has long ignored. How can mother in laws, themselves being women, force their daughter in laws to abort female foetuses? And in much of the cases subject to force or extreme violence? (one of the victims’ mother in law pushed a new born premature baby girl down the stairs to try to kill her, one mother expecting a daughter had her face badly bitten, another one was made to abort 6 times without her knowledge) How can the notion that a male foetus is a much better prospect than a female one be so deeply enshrined in people’s minds that they don’t mind going to incredible levels of cruelty to achieve that goal? I can understand that in the Stone Age, the men were the food gatherers, that they were physically more strongly built than their female counterparts, and that some decades back, only men used to be money makers in families. But hello we are in 2012. In my circle, most of my female friends earn more and have achieved more, or at least as much, as my male friends. At university, and at school before that, it was a known fact that the girls were more academically intelligent than boys. And as for the matter of physical strength, we no longer live in a society where we have to hunt for food. Actually, in my opinion, the whole notion of masculinity is kind of overrated in the time where we live in. And I am not saying that only because I tend towards feminism. I mean, if you ask me to name male actors that portray virility, I would have trouble coming up with more than a couple of names (actually the only two that come to my mind are Sunil Shetty and Daniel Craig). I mean, let’s get real. David Bekham. Ryan Gosling. Leonardo Di Caprio. Justin Timberlake. John Abraham. Shah Rukh Khan. Metrosexual much??? Just have a look at what’s trendy for male models on Fashion TV: nicely chiseled androgynous faces!!

To get back on topic, female foeticide is so cruel it makes my heart ache. And it is an equally alarming practice in China as well. Cheers to Amir Khan for having used his stardom to sensitise people on the subject. Strictly on the TV show, I thought it was well brought together, you can see that lots of research were put into it. True to India, having most members of the audience cry, added a “sensationalisation” aspect to the show, but then again that’s India where people usually cry even at children dance contests. To complete the debate, I would have personally liked to also watch an interview of one of the bad guys, one of the pros of female foeticide. I guess that might have either been too difficult to obtain, or the show’s objective was not to have a balanced debate. But it would have helped its credibility, sometimes most people live in their own cocoon and have trouble believing that such cruelty exists. Well sensational or not, Satyamev Jayate is a must see, and I will certainly watch the next episode.