Matrix Resurrection: Neo and Trinity are lost in a time loop - California18

Who would have thought that it would take a 2021 instalment of the Matrix franchise to get me to open this blog again?! 18 years after (the 4th Matrix, not the blog!) The protagonists are now in their 50s! Crazy! For one thing, it makes me feel old (!). I still remember how cult the first 3 Matrix movies felt like when they first came out when I was still a teenager. We still had dial-up internet and it all felt very futuristic and prescient. 18 years later, my generation went through a thorough technological overhaul and now we cannot live without the internet, not to speak of social media and smartphones.

*SPOILER ALERT for those who have not watched the movie yet*

I don’t know what I was expecting, really. Something more profound to help us make sense of this new world? Something that felt more prescient now that Zuck has officially birthed the metaverse? At least now I felt less lost and understood the plot better. I would strongly advise watching the first three movies before watching the new one.

Anyway, I left the cinema with mixed feelings. It all felt a bit cheesy and Bollywoody to my taste. I still don’t understand the point of a 4th movie, it feels wholly unnecessary to the franchise, except to milk it more that is. It’s the worst thing to disturb the feeling of peace and positivity we fans had at the end of the trilogy, and for what? To let us know that it was all short-lived and might as well have been for nothing.

Neo’s character felt lost and stupid throughout the whole movie, I like my The Ones a little bit more inspiring. This whole obsession with Trinity felt kind of cheesy and unwise. Niobe was the only one with more sense, but for what? Nobody listened to her. The older Niobe was the only thing realistic in the movie, hats off Jada. I liked the new crop of faces, especially Lexy and Shepherd from Sense8 fame, and also Bugs was some much added freshness. With all the hype from Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram, her appearance felt fleeting, albeit important to the plot.

The last scene felt a bit childish and more fitting to a Marvel movie than to a Matrix one. Hats off for 57 year old Keanu Reaves and 54 year old Carrie Ann Moss for pulling it off though. Please let me have the contact details of your personal trainers. The ending seemed to indicate more Matrix movies to come. What will they do once Keanu and Carrie Ann get too old to fit into these leather suits?

If I was waiting for profoundness and an answer to the chaotic future the current world promises, this is not the movie for it. Try harder next time Lana. The one thing the movie still does however, is make me realise how important it is to “wake up” and “unplug from the matrix”. Same lesson, different meaning in 2021…