A love letter

Dear Spring,

I have waited for you for so long, I thought you would never come. I have forced myself to be strong all winter, telling myself that this, too, shall pass. It was only a question of time. I was patient, braced myself from the cold winds with courage, embracing the greyness of gloomy days. Then, suddenly, you appeared! You rushed in, unannounced and beautiful, engulfing my whole being with warmth and blue skies.

At first, I was sceptic… I mean, are you for real? Is it really you? Are you here to stay this time? And with your disarming charm and gentle presence, you whispered in my ear: “Yes, it’s me… and this time it’s for real…” And just like that, you won me over once again. I mean, how could anyone ever resist you?

I wish I could sit in your lap all day, in the green grass, among the small white flowers, getting drunk on sunshine and writing prose about you…

I could spend hours marveling at the miracle of you.

Yesterday, I sat in the park in silence, afraid to disturb your magnificence in action, working diligently on each leaf and petal, each child’s laughter, you make love blossom everywhere. I watched dogs run around their masters, giddy with joy, couples kissing, families laughing, youth flashing again in the eyes of old people. Others were just lying around in the grass, reading, doing yoga, playing the guitar. One girl, oblivious to the world, was peacefully meditating…

Dear Spring, look how you transformed the world. I breathe you in, you make my heart sing along with the music of chirping birds. I secretly smile all day, because I know you have finally come again into my life…

I look around, and I feel… could this possibly get any better?

This magnificent tree never fails to grab my attention every day when I walk to work on Serrano
El Capricho Park, I told my friend this spot is where he should propose!
El Capricho Park. Capricho means “whim”, this beautiful park in the east of Madrid is “The Queen’s Whim”, like literally
Flower bed in El Capricho Park
New spot in Retiro Park, I just love these sakuras
Little white flowers in the grass in the office garden

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