A Prayer to the Universe



Dear Universe,

I pray today to thank you for all the things I have in my life

Thank you for this hot cup of tea, which fills my insides with warmth

Thank you for all my friends, young and old, who laugh and cry with me

Thank you for the music which cradles my soul when i need it most

Thank you for family, whose very presence brings comfort to my heart

Thank you God, for taking my hand and helping me make difficult choices

Thank you for hard work, the result of which is the sweetest elixir

Thank you for the beauty and wonder in this world, which will never cease to amaze me

Thank you God for hope, and faith, and courage

Thank you for this roof over my head, which shelters me from all kinds of storms

Thank you God, for giving me the power of words to pour out my feelings

Thank you God, for the pain, which will make me strong, for the pain which is the most effective teacher

Thank you God, for days like today

Thank you God for the precious time away from the shackles of routine, which helps me rest my soul

Thank you for the books which help me escape into fantastic realms

Thank you Universe, for the wires which open doorways to other worlds

Thank you for the sunny days which come after the rain

Thank you Universe

“If you have one prayer to say in a day… let it be thank you” Rumi