I haven’t been able to write much lately because I have rendered myself impossibly busy. I didn’t undertake this decision consciously, rather it was out of spontaneity. One of my many characteristics which usually only ends up getting me in trouble. Some people I know have been taking up cooking class. I was like, hey, I need to do that. And I did. So here I was every week, going down strange supermarket isles looking for things I never new existed (e.g. a cake-holder that locks itself, something called “ameliorant” which was to be used to make cheese naan). Cooking stuff from scratch was a totally new, amazing experience. I made garam masala from scratch, complete with grilling the spices myself and all. I made my own ginger and garlic paste. The self-satisfaction from being able to make a good briani by yourself is really quite something.

IMG-20150905-WA0001Then I started a new gym subscription. Why? One of my friends told me that hey have you noticed how toned and slim that person got? I heard she started some new classes at some gym. And I was like, hey I need that. And there I was that very afternoon, filling my subscription form with some guy named Bernard at that said new gym. I have been there for a grand total of three times since. Another spontaneous decision I haven’t come to regret yet. Going to a large gym with many people of all ages and shapes sweating away is very inspiring. The energy is contagious and I love it.

I also have end of year exams for that Masters I am doing for reasons that made more sense two years ago when I had decided that I needed another degree.

Sometimes I wish that I could just sit still. But that is never going to happen.