FAUVEIn between my roles as a wife, examiner, sister, daughter, friend, writer, 29 going on 30 year old person, I discovered a new French band called FAUVE. I am still deciding whether I like it or not. A girl called Valentina sang one of their songs on The Voice France auditions, and it sort of made me curious about the band. Their style is a sort of rap / slam and the tone is dazed, confused and searching. Just like the way I’m feeling right now. Just the usual, corporate life sucks the life out of me. I need to find a way to generate survival money on my own, it’s just that at 30, you need to feel like you have some marketable skills which do not necessarily require a corporation to enable you to feed yourself. The safest thing is to develop that famous Plan B after work hours, so you keep your day job, while planning the dream job. When Plan B gets sustainable (and profitable), the you make it become Plan A. However, the eight hours of your day job are the eight hours where you are most productive, and around which your life revolves, and afterwards you feel so drained that it does not leave you with much energy to do anything but watch TV like a zombie afterwards. The new plan is to find a solution to unzombify myself after work. Maybe exercise would help, Robin Sharma sure believes it. According to him, the more fit you are, the less hours of sleep you need. Maybe I’ll start with that…

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