The Resuscitation of the Pink Ipod

What would life be without music? Or more precisely, what would life be without YOUR music? I spent the last six months listening to the radio, music channels and a few live concerts. Not to mention other people’s playlists. Discovering new songs and bands, with no particular intention of hearing them again. Of course, there’s still Youtube playlists, but then again with MyT bandwidth, who would bother? My hard disk got reformatted last year and after having bid goodbye to my 10,000 or so tracks for the greater cause of a surviving laptop, I did not have the courage to download songs again and re build my collection from scratch. My Ipod was the only device left with a sample of the music I have learnt to collect and cherish ever since I had started to download songs from Imesh ages, ages ago. So when my Ipod died, I completely gave up clinging to my Nirvana, Enigma and RHCP favourites and instead listened to whatever the Mauritian radios played (try this one: Poussin Piou :s).

By some divine miracle, I tried my Ipod again this evening, and it agreed to charge!!! I get goosebumps listening to most of the songs again after all this time. What makes the music really special are the stories, images and feelings associated to each one of them. Shuffled songs that are playing right now on:

1. Massive Attack – Teardrop

Rainy, misty weather, drive up to the highlands near Grand Bassin. The track that played while I was getting my first and only tattoo.

2. Ikue Asazaki – Obokuri-Eeumi (Samurai Champloo soundtrack)

The track that played when Mugen in Samurai Champloo died. The old lady’s voice sounds so wise and has a soothing feeling to it, like a caress.

3. Mano Negra & Noir Desir – Le vent nous portera

I don’t remember when I first heard this song, but the lyrics are beautiful, nonchalant and bittersweet at the same time. An instant favourite.

4. Fountains of Wayne – Sink to the Bottom

My definition of love at 17? Maybe!

5. Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow

The opening of Wicker Park, anyone? Raspy, rock and roll voice, and Josh Hartnett: win! I want to swim in the ocean, I want to take my time for meeeeeeee… So maybe tomorrowww I’ll find my way home!

6. Justin Bieber – Baby

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