Readers Deserve Better


So I haven’t published in a while. I do have a couple of draft posts lined up, but I just could not bring myself to press the publish button this time. When you are a writer, it’s kind of hard to not let your writing be affected by your emotions. So when you feel dark, that darkness gets channeled into the words. And if you are lucky, people “spend money to buy the tears” because they relate to it and it comforts them. That explains how resolutely dark lyrics are so popular.

I mean, I for one, would get bored with someone who was happy all the time. It is just more interesting when that happiness is a rare commodity. It’s economics: the law of diminishing marginal utility. The more you have of something, the less marginal utility it has. Having to work towards that feeling of happiness is just much more gratifying. That makes periods of low morale necessary, because, as they say, the sun will shine brighter after the rain.

And the point of this post is… to reiterate to myself that I am still guardian of what gets published by the Hitchhiker. And I will always choose to publish rich, beautiful and constructive ideas, even if I might be feeling in the depths of despair, this will not affect the unconquerable spirit of this space. So I will endeavour to go to my Dashboard and delete the draft posts “How to end Bitterness”, “Corporate Blues” and “What is the P.O.I.N.T?” just because you readers deserve better, always =)

“There is nothing to writing… you just sit at the typewriter and bleed…” Rightly said, Mr Hemingway.