Bridge to Terabithia


This movie gets an 8.5, I loved, loved it! It’s got a feel of Anne of Green Gables to it, which is my favourite book, anime, cartoon, character, fantasy world of all times. The movie brings you back to your childhood world in a totally innocent, unpretentious, delicious, irresistible, fantastic way.  Anna Sophia Robb is mesmerizing in the role of Leslie Burke, the Peter Pan-like little girl with the frivolous imagination, who leads her friend Jess into a magical world that only the two of them share. The movie transports you back to your childhood fantasy world, reminds you of the special magical bond you shared with your childhood best friend, and also of the pain of when you lost it (which can be maybe figuratively interpreted as growing up…) and how you will always strive to remember that special feeling and those indescribable times you spent together, lost faraway in the fantasy you created, just you and your best friend in your very own cosy bubble, against the world…  Incredibly touching, surprisingly fresh, interestingly detailed, I will definitely have to read the book.

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