I left for a moment

i flew into an intergalactic journey of infinite miles of freedom to reach towards whichever star that lit my fancy a frenetic fusion dance uniting all that is beautiful the force will be so great that it will create something out of nothing something so extraordinary that it will annihilate all that is around into darkness nothing will matter all that was built up by the system the wheel will stop suddenly and the fingers flying through the waves of this music music of the senses dancing dancing away no need for articulate words all i need is a friend a childhood friend to hold my hand as i walk towards the rainbow light we will walk the skies together and share an imaginary dream a guitar stroke strumming across my fragile heart giving me shivers feels like dying and being reborn into a white star wonderful machine i love you in my loneliness in your darkness in the shadows in the light i don’t need anything but this feeling of never being alone one two three we walk a graceful step a gentle step forward towards each other we fall we fly you heal my head the voices the voices inside the voice… close your eyes glide on the rays of the gentle sun do not give up on the destination of this place that we know exists just push play an old song a new meaning familiar strokes a friend a husky voice Image

come my good friend let us leave together now…

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