Coldplay 5 Oct 2011 Cape Town

Ok, as promised, here’s how the night went as far as I can remember…

We walked from the waterfront to Greenpoint Stadium and reached there at 1500. We queued in front of the main doors for 2 hours and heard how people had been there since morning, or worse, had slept there overnight. The bands were soundchecking inside and this got the crowd more and more excited.

The gates opened at 1700 and we were the first ones at the concert merchandise store. We were lucky enough to get places at the very front of General Standing, which were right behind Golden Circle, or about 10m from the stage.

The Parlotones, a band from Johannesburg, which I only heard once from an OC soundtrack, started at 2000 sharp. It is a weird feeling discovering a band in these circumstances, I loved them! They have this powerful, heart-renching, soulful quality to them, they make me think of a less commercial version of Green Day. The 17 year old South African dude next to me was going crazy, he knew all the lyrics to all the songs! They played a full one hour set, the following of which stuck to my mind: I’m only human, Giant Mistake, Beautiful, I’ll be there, Push me to the Floor. The lead singer Kahn Morbee modestly spoke about how the bands were huge Coldplay fans since Parachutes, and how honoured they were to open for them.

The Parlotones left the stage, after a few minutes of silence, they started playing Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. After a few seconds of surprise, the crowd started dancing and singing along. Then, drumrolls… fireworks… and when everybody looked down from the last fireworks in the sky to the stage, the band was already there! They started with It hurts like Heaven from Mylo Xyloto, Chris Martin was on the piano (see link).

The set went by really quickly. The second song was Yellow, all the lights on the stage turned yellow, and the crowd was going crazy. Then, there was In my Place, Paradise, Viva la Vida, Violet Hill, The Scientist… Chris Martin is great on stage, the energy was contagious. They came to the very end of the stage to do an acoustic set, which included Shiver and Fix You. Then Chris Martin disappeared for a second, the crowd started singing the opening to Viva la Vida, then he appeared again and started playing Clocks, and the closed on Every Teardrop. The crowd went mad and there were fireworks again to close the concert.

And the night was complete with running to catch the last train home (no kidding). A once in a lifetime experience… worth every muscle cramp! Check out the rest of the videos on youtube..

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