This Blog

This blog is an effort to write again after several years of blank pages. After Drops of Ash, My Kingdom of Relativity and Beautiful Garbage, let’s hope that this one stays live for a bit longer. Despite the silence, the endless inner reflections were pretty much there, except that they were regurgitated most of the time to kind ears, but then these friendly souls reflected back and this somehow affected in a most definite way the course of these reflections, which might have taken a whole different direction if left solely to the battlefield of my mind. Hence the blog. God, even my English has now changed to boring colonial business language after 5 years of being an office rat. Nevermind, this blog will not be a bitter space, but a lush forest where ideas will grow freely and fruits will be abundant… This blog will be a memoir of how we try to survive Mauritius at 26, while still keeping the fire within burning…

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